Malawi Blog 11 januari 2016

Monday: 11-01-2016


We started the day with introducing ourselves and introduces of the participants. Everybody told from which district they come from and what kind of animals they have or like. After this we made a list about everything the participants remembered from the last course and which diseases they have seen:

Diseases seen in the last period Diseases seen
New castle 1
Mastitis 2 cows, goats
Rabies 2 dog goat
Diarrhea 1 cattle, goats
African swine fever 1
Foot an mouth disease 1 goat
Coccidiosis 1 à AB powder
Black C.
Foot rot 1 goat
OAF 1 goat
East coast fever 1 time in 2 cattle à LA

The participants have written a list about everything they have done in the last period: about giving advises to their community/ castrations/ treatment (see included papers). We were surprised about how much they had already done in the last period. Most common things were: castrations, vaccinations and giving advice about khola constructions.

10.15-12.00We asked the participants to tell us what they would like to learn in this course:

We asked the participants to tell us what they would like to learn in this course:

  • Drug calculation
  • Castration
    • Goats, cattle, pigs, dogs
    • How
    • Dosage drugs
      • Local painkiller
    • Open/closed
  • Injection techniques
  • Rabbits (breeding)
  • Pigs – deteathing
  • Disease control
  • Examination of meat
  • Ear tags goats (practical)/pigs
  • Giving birth
  • Artificial insemination

We were a bit surprised about some things, because it differed quite a lot from what they wrote down in August. This meant that we had to write some more lessons during our stay.

We told them the program we made so far. We were going to spend the mornings on theoretical lessons and the afternoons on practical lessons. An important subject these course would be the medicine information.

13.15- 15.00

We discussed a case about Rabies. We just told them that we had a dog which was suddenly aggressive. This case was very easy for the participants because they already knew everything about prevention, advices and treatment of humans which are bitten.

Calculation lessons: we divided the group in 3 and let the participants work together on calculations of drugs dosages. In the beginning they needed some help, so we showed them how to do it, but after that, they all did it well.


We did the college about patient history. We will repeat this during the weak in the form of cases.