Malawi Blog 19 januari 2016

Tuesday 19-01-2016


We started again with a drug. This time it was a drug in the category ‘others: painkiller/anti-inflammatory). We discussed the drug dexamethasone. We told them that they can use it in the following cases to avoid pain/inflammation:

  • Lameness
  • Bacterial inflammation (in combination with antibiotics)
  • Lumps on the skin
  • Swelling without wound
  • Stop eating

We told them that this drug is very strong but also dangerous. We paid a lot of attention to the contra-indications. We should also repeat this later on in the course that they should definitely not use it in: wounds, viral or fungal infections, or in pregnant animals. We also discussed that for this reason, you should never use it with open castrations because the wound will not heal.

At 9 o’clock Eva and Masida went to town to meet the veterinary officer (see report). Iris repeated the medicines.


We discussed the closed and open castration. Most participants had already done the open castration in the field after the demonstration of Helpless in August. As there is a bit less risk when you do the closed castration with the Burdizzo tang the participants were very interested in learning this.



Practical: closed castration with Burdizzo tang. 4 We let the participants choose which 8 of them would like to do the castration. We had to squeeze 4 times with the tang and per squeeze, 2 people are needed; one for positioning of the tang and one for squeezing. We started with a demonstration about how to inject the lidocain (local painkiller) in the scrotum. After the demonstration 2 participants could inject the other side of the scrotum. We waited for 5 minutes to let the lidocain do his work and then squeezed twice per testicle. Unfortunately, the goat was still feeling a bit of the skin on the outside. After the castration, we picked out three more goats to practice the injection of the lidocain (but now with water for injection) under the skin of the scrotums. We gave every participant the chance to practice this. We were very surprised how talented they are because they all did it very well. After this, every participant could do an intramuscular injection with water for injection.