Malawi blog 22 januari 2016

Friday 22-1-2016



We reached the participants the test including the marks. We discussed every question. After this, we asked the participants to write an evaluation for us (see included file). While they were writing, we took them one by one to evaluate their practical tests.


Kenani asked if we could give another lesson about tick-born diseases. Helpless brought a book the day before about diseases, so we could use this to give some more information about the tick-born diseases. We also reached them the copies about the measurement of the york. After this, we spend the rest of the time by watching pictures and video’s from the participants active during the lessons.


We reached the certificates and told a short story about every participant. After this, the president of the group participants, Eva and Iris, Helpless, Michael (veterinary officer) and Davie Tengali told their speech. We informed the participants that we still had to find a way how they can get the medicines and that they will get 50% of a bike. The participants have to tell to Matunkha if they want a bike and how they got the 50% of the money.