Malawi blog 21 januari 2016

Thursday 21-1-2016


We continued with the case of yesterday and discussed the skin problem Mange. After this, the participants could ask their last questions and look the last things up before the test. After Mleza finished his test we had a small break and made the group pictures.

The test consisted about ten open questions. After the first five questions, the participants had to give their papers to us and had a break.


We continued with the test (see included file).  We were done a bit before 12 so we gave the participants some time to prepare for the practical test.


We had to wait a while on the animals and on Helpless before we could start. We made 3 practical tests. Iris examined the general appearance of a goat, Helpless examined intramuscular injection and Eva wound treatment on a donkey with a fake wound made of ketchup. We were very happy because the participants perfectly understood the meaning of the test and were all very serious and tried to do their best.


Helpless showed two fixation techniques on a cow.